Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slight Exaggeration

I try to tell the truth. Especially with my daughter. I like for her to know the reason adults do things like when she wants to play with diaper wipes and waste them I tell her "those cost Mommy a lot of money so we can't play with them." I realize she is only two and doesn't understand currency but how will she ever learn if I don't explain these things? Or when she is trying some daredevil move like standing on the Sit-and Spin and I explain to her that she has to stop. Not because I don't want her to have fun but because I don't want her to hurt herself. It's proving to be effective so far.

But today she stumped me. I brought her to the boutique with me and there was a brief thunderstorm. She was frightened by the thunder and I told her what the noise was and she seemed ok. She resumed playing with her toys. Then there was a lightning flash a few minutes later and she turned to me and said, "Mommy you take my picture?" So, I tried to explain that the thunder she heard is the sound of the light that flash and mid-sentence I was struck with the thought that I am not completely sure how it all works. So, I lied. I paused as if I pushed the reset button and said, "That was God taking your picture." And she replied, "Oh" and giggled delightfully. And I have never felt better about telling a lie. It was the perfect answer. I am confident she won't have a fear of thunderstorms considering her love of being photographed.

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  1. Its a cute lie...nothing to bad about it...and when she gets older she will have a cute memory...maybe something to pass down to her just may have started a tradition!!! espy*

  2. When I was little, my mom told me that rain is God's tears and even though I know better now, I still like her version. So I think you use a good "lie" to calm her fears about thunder and lightning.