Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Grand Time Indeed

I've discovered a new level of exhaustion but it has all been worth it. The Grand Opening was lots of work and fun. I made cupcake (with sprinkles), a veggie tray, a fruit salad, and a pasta salad (will post recipe soon). The chocolate chip cookies made by Heather of Green Palette flew off the plate. I wonder if anyone realized they were eating "healthy" cookies?

My mother was a trooper and helped me set everything up. People started coming a little late (around 1pm) so within 3 hrs we had 28 adults and 18 children come through. I didn't get to socialize much because I kept having to ring up customers. Not complaining about that! I want to thank all my friends for their help and support. And Magic Moments Entertainment convinced Elmo to come all the way from Sesame Street!. He danced with the kids and posed for pictures with them. They also painted faces. Please enjoy the slideshow.

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