Thursday, May 27, 2010

I want to MARRY this salad dressing

This is NOT a paid endorsement. But I try to share every good find I come across. A local sandwich shop serves this as their Greek dressing (I order the antipasto salad from them). And I was blown away by this salad dressing. I was turned off by the appearance because I'm used to a cloudy Greek dressing with feta cheese and flecks of pepper or bits of olive maybe. But this was mostly olive oil and some herbs and spices. Looked bland but boy was I wrong! It was the perfect compliment to the veggies in my salad. My taste buds danced for joy! I order this salad at least once a week. So I finally inquired what was the brand of this dressing. Thankfully they didn't refuse to tell me. It is called "Yasou Greek" and the deli owner even showed me the bottle (I'm a visual person so at least if I forgot the name I would recognize the label). So, my next question was, where did she buy it, assuming she ordered it by the case. I was planning to buy some bottles from her. But surprisingly, she found it at a local grocery store and admitted that its sells quickly and not always there when she needs it. I went to this store looking for it and was sooooo disappointed that it wasn't in stock. Even my best googling skills brought meager results but I finally found it on Ken's Foods website. But my research showed the dressing is made by Ulysses Foods in MA. I'm not sure if that is a subsidiary of Ken's but I confirmed through their customer service that it is the same dressing before ordering a case of 12 bottles. Yes, 12 size 8oz bottles. Affordable priced under $18 for a case but the shipping was over $11 so I will be selling a few bottles to interested friends and family after I get them hooked for $4 a bottle to cover my expenses. If you see this in your local grocery, I highly recommend that you try it!

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  1. You are right-this is the best thing in a glass bottle-EVER! I use it on everything! At this time I am having a hard time finding it, so I think I will try to get a case online. Thanks for the info.

  2. I LOVE THIS DRESSING!!! I totally agree! Just ate some on Romain with nice tomatoes, feta and grilled chicken. I love it!!!