Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Grand Old Time! (updated)

UPDATE! I'm happy to announce that Magic Moments Entertainment is bringing Elmo from Sesame St (around 1:30pm) and painting faces. Green Palette Nutrition and Culinary Services is providing nutritious chocolate chip cookies and Chef Mona is providing samples of her gourmet cheesecakes. There will be more refreshments.

Gumdrop Swap's boutique has been open for over a month now. I can't believe it! The response from locals and those working in downtown Bridgeport has been overwhelmingly positive. That's encouraging. Without advertising, I had a nice number of unsolicited customers. I notice the weather greatly influences my traffic. People explore downtown on their lunchbreak and wander into the Arcade Mall where my store is located. What I never expected was the number of people who venture over on break from jury duty in the courthouse down the street. That's a nice surprise. People comment on the building's impeccable restoration and lively decor  in my store. Kids love the chalk board and magnetic door with alphabet magnets and parents love that those activities keep the children busy so they can shop. We have a play area with colorful mat and toys for infants and toddlers.

So now that I have a system and feel more ready to open, I'm ready to do a Grand Opening. Well, I think I'm ready. I will be ready because I have to be ready in less than two weeks. Bridgeport's Mayor, Bill Finch, visited my store unexpectedly last week. He heard about Gumdrop Swap months ago and is a fan because he has 2 young sons (he showed me their photo in his iPhone) and he is on a mission to make our city more eco-friendly. He said he talks about me at meetings when he speaks on the revititalization of our city. How cool is that? We took a picture together and he Tweeted it a few hours later. I love that my Mayor is up on the latest in technology. He's going to come back on Thursday, May 20 at 12:30pm for my ribbon cutting ceremony (more photos to come).

I had to write a press release for my Grand Opening. It was nerve-wracking. But I finally got it to the point where I wanted to release it. We'll see what happens. If any of you reading this can come to my opening I would love to meet other mommy bloggers! Please reply to the poll on the left of the link for the press release. I've met and networked with some cool people in the past few weeks. Namely, the people behind who were kind enough to feature my business before I ever met them. They are so enthusiactic about the happenings in our city. They started tehir website whne they moved to Bridgeport and couldn't find any guidance as to where there was food, or entertainment. So, they started their own city guide. They review restaurants and do profiles on new business. They even have an event calendar. I wish this site existed when I moved here in 2005!

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