Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ultimate Swap-a-Nista Contest

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Model Portfolio Update

From April 17, 2011 Shoot
As I mentioned before, I "moonlight" as a "real-size" model whenever I get the opportunity. I've worked for clients such as Junonia and My Alli in the past. And in a previous post I shared some of the shoe choices I was planning to get for my spring shoot from Professional models are expected to update their portfolios every 3-6 months.
From April 17, 2011 Shoot
From April 17, 2011 Shoot
It was nice shooting outdoors now that it's finally warmed up here in CT. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite shots from this shoot with Jefferine Kerr. She works freelance in Fairfield County. I highly recommend her services! Here is her blog. And the make-up artist, Nashiekah, writes a blog. We had to get one last shoot in before she relocated to Georgia. She's breaking up the dream team but I wish her mush success in my former state of residence. My natural looking tan was provided by Jenna of Healthy Glow on the Go! Jenna can bring her mobile spray tan service to you. Her phone number is 203.521.3402 and she is awesome and her service is so affordable.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When Second Hand Just Won't Do.

It may be a little weird that someone who owns a store selling used items would advise the public to buy new. But in certain instances used items pose a danger or inconvenience not worth trying to save a buck.

About once a week a customer inquires about a used car seat and I have to explain that it is illegal to sell a used car seat in the state of CT (and most states). Why? Because the seller could be held liable if the seat malfunctions. There are laws forbidding these sales because there is no way to know if the car seat has been in an accident. People usually give away car seats. Just put the word out to people you trust that you need one. If the model is more than 2 years old, PASS. Your child's safety is worth the $50 + to buy a decent car seat. Its worth the investment to spend a little more to get a convertible car seat that can go from 5 point harness style to booster seat for larger child.

NEVER buy a USED car seat or crib without doing research to make sure that model has not been recalled and crib has all necessary parts. Cribs already dismantled could be missing parts or screws. If its an older model, finding replacement parts will be difficult. Again, only buy from a source you trust if buying used.

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