Friday, May 7, 2010

Business as UNusual

Yesterday my laptop died. Something wrong with the "power source" according to the repairman. But it's really my mom's laptop I was borrowing until I find the right computer for me. I'm using at work for internet access and administrative tasks. But there was an unfortunate accident with my Blackberry on Tuesday and I was without my smartphone or computer s\and almost lost my mind! I felt so restricted. I couldn't look up any information, work on my press release for the Grand Opening on May 22. No access to my calendar or personal contacts so I couldn't even call a friend to vent. So my search for a computer has been accelerated. I'm open to suggestions if you are happy with your brand or would love advice on what models to avoid. So far it appears Dell Inspirion is in the lead. Please help me decide. I want to spend less that $400 if possible. Mostly internet use and Microsoft Office. Needs a cd/dvd drive and run fast. Netbooks don't have disc drives so I'm pretty sure I want a true laptop. I just want it to run fast and be reliable. Maybe I'll load Photoshop and Illustrator but that's about it.

I went to a local organization that sells donated, refurbished computers to the public to help the youth in the community. They told me they wouldn't sell me a laptop today because they have an advertised sale on May 15. I was like, "So, let me get this straight. You are refusing to sell me a computer today with the hopes to sell it next week?" ... See MoreThey replied "Yes" and then to clarify, "So you don't want my money?" (blank stares as if I am mentally impaired. Apparently I am because I would think the 1st rule of business would be never to refuse a sale. What the h-e-double hockey sticks? So much for helping the local youth! I understand its a non-profit but why would they turn down my money?
 But because I can't afford to wait, I went to Walmart and purchased an HP mini (netbook) but I'm planning to return it when I get a the laptop I want. Leaning towards Dell. I need a full keyboard, maybe even the full keypad on the right. This tiny thing makes me feel like a giant and I need the disc drive.

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