Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exhibiting at "Live Green CT" Norwalk, CT Sept 18-19 at Taylor Park!

 Just want to remind everyone that this is where I'll be this weekend. And I am excited to announce that there will be a special guest in my tent! Poor Me Teas' mission is to thoughtfully create herbal blends which inspire inner growth and balance. - To develop quality, flavorful herbal blends with strong organic standards. - To provide an educational website with information on Complementary Medicine methods such as herbology, chakra healing, energy medicine, and color healing. - To form relationships with other agencies who have the shared goal of accelerating the integration of Western and traditional holistic approaches of medicine, giving every individual access to care which incorporates the healing of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.(click photo below to visit their site!

 I will have a booth for this 2 day festival to expose more people to Gumdrop Swap's unique spin on kids clothing consignment. 'Cause its basically recycling your children's wardrobe! And keeps the "green" (money) in your wallet. It's free if you are on foot and $5 charge for each car to enter so if you must drive - carpool! I will be giving away some memberships that day in random drawings. So come visit my booth!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

She Shoots, She Scores!

Last month I asked for help styling my upcoming photo shoot. Many things have happened since then. I booked and been canceled by two photographers. The weather has cooled so I changed my mind about the styling. I've purchased some cool wardrobe items. And I managed to find a local photographer through the Make-up artist (MUA) I found (well, she technically found me through this blog). The MUA is Nasheikah Bennett. She is new(er) to the blogging world and was so happy to find another blogging mom (me) that was local. And we have similar interests (namely fashion photography/modeling). She has been working with a photographer as she builds her portfolio and recommended (another blogging mom if you can believe it!) Jefferine Kerr. She has a photojournalistic style and is amazing with kids! I must have her shoot my Butterbean soon. I'll give you a few images to whet your palette. Wardrobe credits: Fashion to Figure zebra cowl neck dress, olive boots with wedge heel I bought on Endless.com and all else from my personal wardrobe. I'm sure you will see more from this threesome soon.