Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 Wrap Up!

2011 was my 1st complete calendar year in the retail location. I met many new people, swappers, and learned lessons. We acquired a lot more merchandise last year which required some redecorating and buying of new fixtures to display merchandise. I scored a nice acrylic shelf and pose-able mannequin from the closing of Filene's/SYMS in Fairfield, CT. And created an arch with 3 vertical shelves from Bed, Bath & Beyond when they had their Back to School Sale in September. People are surprised to find out how many NEW items and clothing we have. They are great to give as gifts for baby showers! We even offer free gift bag/box with your purchase of $10 or more.

We also began selling handmade bears by Ruth Broder. A lovely grandma who lives in the area and found the store when she was downtown for the Art Trail. She makes custom keepsake bears from fabric and can even use your child's old blanket they've outgrown. They are so adorable! They are priced according to size, $20-$30. You can contact her to order your own. rbromama@aol.com

Then, right before the holiay season we began selling NEW Baby Star luxury, plush accessories: blanketc, burp cloths, bibs (matching sets available in certain patterns). They range from $10-$30. This is a great deal for this expensive brand's normal retail prices. Any recipient will think you spent twice as much!

December was very busy for us. We hosted Santa Portraits again this year. But we set aside two Saturdays this year to accommodate more of your schedules. We partnered with CT Photography Plus. You had the choice of your child or whole family posing with or without Santa in front of a beautiful winter wonderland backdrop. Many avoided the long lines at the big malls and took advantage of the wonderful natural light the Arcade Mall offers.  CT Photography Plus specializes in photo shoots with daycare students and are superb with getting the young ones to feel comfortable in front of the camera! But she is a complete mobile business which can be hired for any special event like birthday parties, professional events, etc. She prints everything on site! Here are a few of my favorite shots.

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