Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crazy for Cuties

Seriously, I love this company! I'm not a big citrus fruit eater. My mom told me that she ate a lot of oranges when she was pregnant with me. Maybe that's why? But my daughter loves oranges and tangerines. We began seeing tv commercials about Cuties easy to peel mandarins and my daughter would say "Mommy, let's get those". And before I could buy them myself, my mother bought some and gave them to us. They are the perfect size for little hands and really are easy to peel. So, one day I went to their website and they have these fun video contests and great prizes. I have tons of videos of my daughter on my computer. I began uploading videos that fit the different contests themes. And I've won the daily prize 3 times. You get an email if you are the daily winner to let you know a prize is on the way. (You provide your address when you sign up.) Then a few days later a package shows up. So far I've won a t-shirt which will fit my 4 yr old perfectly this summer. And I won two lunch boxes. So, I want to giveaway one of them to spread the love. Details at the bottom.

This is the last one I entered in their "Holiday Cuties" contest. The voting has ended for that particular one and sadly we didn't win the grand prize (Xbox 360 + Kinect & $500 Gift Card). I know! Sweet, right? I wasn't excited for the Xbox. We already have a Wii that rarely gets played, lol. But that leads me to the folks.

When you upload an acceptable video, the Cuties people email you a code to use on DonorsChoose. You can give that $10 to any school/project you want. I searched for local schools. Most projects are posted by public school teachers who need supplies for their students. I uploaded at least 5 videos in as many recent weeks, so I've donated $50 (not out of my own pocket mind you) to local causes. That feels great!!! I even get thank you notes from teachers. I really wanted to win that $500 donation to give to some Bridgeport schools in need. I am giving away this metal lunchbox with same image on both sides.

Earn up to 11 entries by doing tasks like Liking our FB page and Twitter, etc ENTER HERE. Winner will be drawn randomly on Wednesday, Feb 8 at 12:01 pm EST and I'll contact the winner the next day to get their mailing address.Thanks for playing!

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  1. That's great info about the DonorsChoose organization!!! Thanks for the info, I'm new to yr blog... glad to see you ship, I'll be back to ck out some things for my Grands!

  2. Welcome 1955nurse! Let me know if there is anything specific you are looking for for the grands :-)

  3. It is similar to the Box Tops program operated by General Mills.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a "thumbs up" from Stumble Tuesday! That's so sweet that you and your hubby were pen pals :)