Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Did you buy Local for Small Business Saturday?

Maybe you saw the commercial before Thanksgiving with pleas from small business owners asking you to support us on Nov. 26? You're familiar with Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (dubbed this before everyone got the internet at home and on their phone because internet sales would spike tremendously when workers returned to the office on the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend). And now the new movement is Small Business Saturday. American Express started this promotion a few years ago to reward their card holders for using their AmEx cards in a small business on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If they spend at least $25 (after registering their card and pledging their support) they will get $25 credit on their next statement. Although I am not an AmEx cardholder I support what the intention of this movement. And no matter how I pay for my purchases, I try to support other small businesses year round. As a solopreneur, I appreciate the support and attention to us "small fries". Here I am featured in a story for local news channel WTNH.

I got a few calls and new customers out of the press. And I hope people will continue to support in years to come. I truly believe small businesses are going to be the foundation for rebuilding America's economy.

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