Sunday, March 28, 2010

How Can Something so Small Be so Powerful?

A single seed contains all the nutrients that enable life. When you look inside a seed, it’s packed with elements that provide incredible skin health benefits. Grape seeds are rich in Vitamin E which is a powerful skin rejuvenator.

The husband and wife team that launched a 100% Natural brand called SEED with multiple benefits derived from nature. By focusing on the Power of a Tiny Seed (and the exponential power of other beneficial natural ingredients) Rebecca and  Benjamin were very interested in detoxifiying their lives and being eco-conscious before stating a family. They began working with a microbiologist and confirmed real scientific benefits: grape seeds, like several other seeds, are intrinsically concentrated with incredible antioxidants and essential fatty acids promoting healthy skin. They’ve harnessed the nutrient-rich grape seed, which is a by-product of the wine-making process, and given it a new life. Their products are made as responsibly as possible (and are committed to constant improvement.) For example, in making solid shampoo bars, they use less water and last longer than liquid shampoos. They use recyclable and biodegradable packaging whenever possible. And, to reduce their carbon footprint, all of their products are made in the United States. That makes me happy knowing jobs are not going overseas which helps our economy.

Even though I don't know this couple, I am inspired by their shared desire to launch a company with respect for our planet and health. I am being more and more conscious about the ingredients in my health products. Why would a company put formaldehyde and other toxins in products that are absorbed into our skin? You would expect a company that is selling health and beauty products to only use the safest ingredients, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. SEED™ is taking it back to the basics with their line of natural products derived from the most basic source of life -- a seed. The discovery that people were throwing away children's clothing and items and the thought of those things in our nation's landfills sparked the idea for my kids clothing swap business. Entrepreneurs are people that see an opportunity for a business when a need in the market is not being met. It's about finding a better way of doing things.

* This post is my entry in the THE SEEDS OF INSPIRATION BLOGHER 2010 SPONSORSHIP CONTEST which I read about on "Hip as I Wanna Be"s blog.

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