Wednesday, March 24, 2010

5 Things I Don't Get About my Husband

People may think I do weird things. I've been told that I stick my tongue out slightly when I'm concentrating. I've caught myself doing that when I'm painting. I think I'm so focused, it's like my jaw just relaxes and leaves my teeth slightly ajar so then my tongue just slithers in that space. Weird. I know. But this post is about my husband, or men in general because I can't be married to the only alien!
  1. My husband refers to homemade spaghetti as "Spaghetti O's" like the Chef Boy-R-Dee canned culinary delight. When we first got married he kept asking me to make "Spaghetti O's" and I bought and heated up a can for him for dinner and he looked at me and said, "What is this?" We've since discussed this at length and he refuses to correct the error, so now I just remind myself that he doesn't want canned "Spaghetti O's" when he asks.
  2. I've heard of women banning their husband to the couch after a fight. I tried that once. He refused to go. Stayed in our bed just to spite me. But, if he dozes off on the couch while I'm at the computer and I tell him I'm going to bed, he'll reply "I'm coming." Then he falls back asleep! Then he doesn't understand why I'm mad in the morning. I tried to explain to him that part of the reason I got married is so I don't have to sleep alone. Just be that warm body in bed. Geez! Is that too much too ask?
  3. Speaking of him falling asleep in front of the tv... he has a fit if you change the channel or take the remote. He'll say, "just tell me what you want to watch" and change it for me. He has to have possession of the remote! Then, he gets mad when I wake him again to adjust the volume. That's what you get, weirdo. Just gimme the darn remote and you can sleep peacefully. Or if I turn the tv off, he'll wake up and say "Hey, I was watching that" No you weren't. You were watching your eyelids.
  4. Before my birthday or a gift giving holiday my husband will repeatedly ask me what do I want as a gift. I try to tell him I'd rather be surprised but he insists I tell him something I want. Whatever I tell him, he buys something completely different.
  5. My husband confuses the day of the month we got married and the day our daughter was born (7th and 8th of 2 different months). We've gone over this many times. He used to forget my birthday (30th) even thought he knew the month. He finally has that one down. It took him months to remember how to spell our daughter's name correctly. Is it C-O-R-R-I-N-N-E, C-O-R-R-I-N-E, C-O-R-I-N-N-E? AAAAAAAAARRGGGGGHH! But he could rattle off the names of all the characters from every bad 80's sitcom that you and I vaguely remember. He's full of useless trivia like that.
Anyone else feel like venting sharing about  their significant other's quirks? I would love to know that I'm not alone. I could do a post about how wonderful my husband is, but I fear that wouldn't be as interesting.


  1. Are we married to the same guy??

    How do you spell Guinevere?

    Is Sheamus' birthday the 6th or the 8th?

    Your birthday is the last day of April, so it must be the 31st? Or is it the 27th?

  2. How funny is that? Maybe they are clones? You're idea about hosting swaps at the store is a great one and is something I've had in mind once the store is done. I want to have art classes and other events too! I just have to figure out the logistics. The hard part of swaps in small groups is making sure there are people with the sizes you need and someone to give your sizes too. Someone is usually left out. That was inspiration for me launching the business. But I think a social event with snacks and activities for the kids would be enjoyed by all, even if they just drop off the items for gumdrop credits! Thanks for the input!