Saturday, January 16, 2010

Unintended Use

Since I have become a mom (almost 2 years ago) I have found out about products that I never had a need for before. But since I found them, I have discovered other uses for them that may be more valuable that what they were designed for. I thought I would share with others. I am not being compensated in anyway by these companies. But I wouldn't turn down any free product!

The first is A&D ointment. Let me say my daughter has only had minor diaper rash maybe 2-3 times in the 2 years she has been wearing diapers. And those few times have been when I didn't use this stuff. When she was a newborn I tried Desitin cream. I didn't like the texture or consistency. So after trying this ointment, I haven't tried another product. I usually buy 2 or 3 tubes at a times. I keep one in her diaper bag, one with her changing table and another for backup and personal use (I'll get to that). Now, let me say I use this on my daughter at EVERY diaper change as a preventative measure not a treatment for existing diaper rash. I suggest using it that way. A little goes a long way. The consistency is like a less-tacky petroleum jelly. Now, for my personal use. I ran out of Neosporin and in a pinch tried this on a minor cut and it worked pretty well. I used this stuff for winter dry skin (hands and heels) and then I got really adventurous and used it as a lip balm! I have triend the Equate (Walmart) and Up&Up (Target) brands and I am satisfied with those formulas too. I know once my daughter is potty trained, I will still keep a tube around.

The other product I like is Johnson & Johnson Baby Safe Q-Tips. They are especially shaped so you can't go to deep into the infants ear. They are okay as far as q-tips go. I like they are more padded than the average q-tip. I find that they bend easily for my personal use. They are great for toddler craft projects too. I found them to be equally useful to remove boogers and clear toddler noses when they have a cold. I prefer them for this use. And the shape fits perfectly into little nostrils.

Infant washcloths make great dishrags! I save a fortune on paper towels now that my daughter has outgrown those thin, small newborn washcloths. I clean my kitchen counters and wash dishes... and then they take a spin with the household laundry and they are like new again.

A fellow mommy friend told me that baby wipes make great stain removers on clothing. I doubted her but I was out one day and dropped food on my shirt and had the baby bag with me. I was surprised how well it removed the marinara. I still stain treated it when I got home but the quick fix allowed me to hide my clumsiness and not be embarrassed to walk around until then.

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