Sunday, January 10, 2010

Items I Don't Want to Live Without

Ain't technology grand? I'm usually one of the last to purchase some new gadget. I'm always worried it's a fad. Plus, I'm extremely frugal so I need to wait for the popularity and price to drop. I was still trying to buy cassettes for my car in 2002, when Best Buy stopped selling them. When I asked where I could find the cassette section after walking around the store aimlessly, the sales person actually told me, "No one buys cassettes anymore". And I thought, "Well, I would buy them if I could find them". So then I was forced to buy cds. next thing I knew, everyone was moving on to the #MP3 player! See? That's what I was afraid of. The first ones had little mini cd looking discs. That was silly to me. Why would I trade a cd for a smaller version that is easier to lose and just as likely to get scratched? I was gifted an ipod in 2007, and I haven't purchased a cd since. I use that same ipod to this day, cracked screen and all. And, if it died, I would purchase another.

I was hesitant to buy a smart phone until my cell phone company offered a deal I couldn't refuse. I still don't think I'm using my Blackberry to it's full capabilities. But now that I'm a busy mompreneur, it's convenient to check my email on the go. I can check my multiple email accounts all in one place. I wouldn't want to go back to just a cell phone. The funny part is the phone came with a Bluetooth and I never set it up. I didn't want to be one of those people in a store looking like I was talking to myself. It's really something I should use since it's illegal to talk and drive in my state. I actually put my phone on speaker while I'm driving and clip it to my seatbelt. Don't laugh!

I have a horrible sense of direction. I was compelled to get a GPS after seeing it's use in my husband's car and bought one 2 Christmases ago. It's so much easier than mapping a route and reading the directions while driving. Now that is a great invention.

I remember hearing about TiVo years ago. Since, I became a mom I don't have much of a schedule. I could never keep up with the latest reality show craze or when a new season of some of my favorite shows would happen. The DVR changed that. Now I can record in advance and watch days later when my daughter is napping or even rewind when I miss a detail in something I'm watching. It's worth it just to fast forward through the commercials.

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