Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frugal Foodie Find!

I've shared another local frugal food find a while back. Snappy Dawgs is a food cart that serves delicious food during the week on the corner of Main St and Fairfield Ave in front of the Fairfield County Courthouse. But I work on Saturdays and they don't come on the weekend. I am partial to restaurants that deliver because I can't afford to close my business to go get lunch. So, one of my customers informed me that Amici Miei delivers too. Well then, I put that on my to-do list. And today I ordered a thin crust pizza from there called "Rurale" and had to share this with you!

It is topped with red sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms (fresh ones not those slimy ones from the can either), and big slices of prosciutto. And get this! With tax, I paid (drum roll.....) $8.50! I gave the delivery girl a $10 and told her to keep the change as her tip. I was in NYC the other day and paid $9 for a panini that wasn't even half the size of this pizza. What a rip off that was! These personal size pizzas are pretty big and a great value. Could easily share among 2 people. And if you live or work in downtown Bridgeport, I suggest having it delivered.

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