Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have you ever been blessed by the Coupon Fairy?

I really wish I had the time and dedication to be like those serious EXTREME couponers. Have you seen that show? I would need to also build out my basement to store my stockpile of groceries and toiletries too. But the savings are impressive. That's undeniable. I'm so not organized. Then I would feel guilty if it was crowded that day at the store and I was holding up the line because I was separating my order into 11 separate orders to get maximum savings. Maybe store should have a coupon line like they have express lanes?!

The Target near my home just renovated to add a grocery store inside. A few days ago I made a mental note that I needed to stop to buy a loaf of bread on the way home from church. I shuffled through the mail to find a circular from Target. There were some coupons in there and the main one was for a FREE loaf of bread. I took this as a sign.

So, I'm in Target, navigating the new floor plan. There were items I get cheaper at my preferred grocery store but I didn't want to throw the unused coupons away. A saw a woman looking at the egg selection and offered her a coupon to get a dozen eggs for $.99. A good deal but I had a full dozen at home and wouldn't need another by the time the coupon would expire. So, I offered it to her and she was so thankful. Wow, that felt great! Maybe someone could use my other coupon I wasn't going to utilize? So I found the related projects and tucked the coupon in front so it would be visible. My 3 yr old asked me a few times what I was doing. "We're leaving these for someone else," I said. And she asked her knew favorite question, "Why?" Because its nice and it will make them happy like the lady buying eggs. Toddler was satisfied. Cool.

My last coupon I gifted was for Method laundry detergent. And as I reached to tuck my coupon I saw someone else had done the same thing. Now, I'm not naive to think I "invented" this practice but maybe this is going on more than I know. Do you often find coupons tucked among products when you're shopping? Or do you go around being a coupon fairy? I think its such a nice gesture especially when everyone is looking to save money.

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