Friday, June 18, 2010


No such thing as a victimless crime. Yesterday, I became a victim. Sure, it was a non-violent crime (thank God) but I still felt hurt and wronged. I came to the boutique as I do everyday and unlocked the front door. The first thing I noticed was the contents of a bag of handmade items from my days as an accessories designer were spilled onto the floor at the end of my sales counter. I don't remember knocking those over yesterday is what I thought to myself. When I took a few steps closer I realized the bag that held those items was gone. Then I looked on my desk (behind the counter) and the cash register was gone. So was my laptop, it's carrying bag, my digital camera and more things I realized as I cleaned the disarray later that afternoon. But as soon as I realized I'd been robbed I did a u-turn and went outside to call the cops. I was 99% sure the thief had entered through the rear of the store and didn't want to disturb the scene or take the chance they were still in the building. Better to wait for the cops in the courtyard. And wait I did. The property manager waited with me for about 45 min. A female officer arrived over an hour after my initial call. We went through the store and basement together to determine the losses. Turns out the cash register was still in the store. Discarded in the back after they pried it open with a screwdriver and emptied the petty cash. In total, I'd estimate the value of the items they stole to be about $1500 when you figure in the merchandise they lifted. With a $1000 deductible, I'm contemplating if it's worth it to file an insurance claim. A higher premium is likely.

The most frustrating part? I've been trying to get the property owner or someone to install a slide bolt into the metal rear door. I didn't have the tools to do it myself. They jumped a tall gate that lead to an alley behind my store and came in through my back door. For the most part they did little damage, made a mess of my desk looking for valuables but didn't ransack the whole place. What I've learned: Not to leave any valuables in my store, to count my blessings, and not to put off precautionary measures like installing an alarm. I'm trying to bring something positive to this community and I am a bit discouraged. But my faith comforts me and I will press on. I can't let "them" win.

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  1. aww that's awful!!! I'm so sorry.

  2. Oh honey, that is just awful. I am glad that it wasnt a violent crime either. But I know what you mean - its such a violation!

    I'm glad that instead of allowing this experience to turn into something dark, you are looking at the positive and at the opportunity for a lesson learned. I hope this gives your property manager the impetus to do what should have been done?

  3. A bolt lock was installed that same afternoon. A little too late if you ask me but should prevent entry if the thief returns for seconds.

  4. sorry to hear this gabby! know that when you try to do good things...negative things will happen but keep your faith high and continue on the road that God is leading you. happy that it was, in fact, a non-violent crime, that you were not present when "they" entered your store and that the only things missing are replaceable. love you and sending prayers your way!