Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Positive Review!

When your run your own business, it's always validating to get positive feedback. I stumbled upon a blog last month named "This Mama Works It" and mom blogger, Tammy, shares how she sells her kids clothing on ebay. She has a following and I thought her audience was similar to my target demographic. Maybe her readers are unsure if ebay is the right option for them to get rid of gently used kids clothing. Let's face it, posting those auctions take time which is a limited commodity for most parents. Gumdrop Swap is a guaranteed sale as opposed to waiting for a possible sale by online auction end. 

Tammy was excited to try the service. And she posted her review today. I gave her a free month to try this service and I am allowing her to give away the same offer to a lucky winner. Go read her review and giveaway rules.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heavenly Bites All-Natural Desserts in Fairfield County Connecticut!

Chef Mona makes some unique and delicious baked treats! I required a taste test before creating this business card for her. I tasted the mango cheesecake which inspired the illustration on the card. She makes some other flavors I look forward to trying soon. She uses shortbread cookies for the crust instead of the typical graham cracker crust. You can taste that the ingredients are fresh. I've ordered a cheesecake for my husband's upcoming birthday! For more of my graphic design and illustrations go to the Gift of Gabby website.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the Spotlight

I have a new favorite online magazine! Liberating Style is hosted on this cool site,, which allows anyone to publish a magazine to share with the world. The Editor-in-Chief, Angela Clay, strives to bring the deserving and often undercover talents into the spotlight. This publication primarily focuses on adult fashions - spotting new trends and helping to expose new designers, artists, models and photographers. They have their fingers on the pulse of fashion. So imagine my surprise to have my kid's boutique, Gumdrop Swap, featured in their "What We Love" section!

There is something pretty major as far as my modeling career is concerned that took place in early June but I don't want to blog about it until its public. (Hint: I did some work for a well known plus retailer.) But today I saw Madison Plus' newest Fresh Face, Kamari (someone I know in virtual reality) and remembered that I was interviewed by them a while ago. So I searched back in June and found my spotlight.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snappy Dawgs - Fresh Food Fast in downtown Bridgeport, CT!

I've worn many hats as far as my career has gone before I opened Gumdrop Swap. I don't advertise myself as a graphic designer/illustrator anymore but occasionally someone I know needs a service I know I can provide. If I can make time to do a project I will. So, I met a woman who owns a lunch truck on the same block as my store. She bought it from a guy who had been in that space for 7 years and finds that many people don't realize it's under new management and has a different menu. This is not your average Street Food vendor. There are more than hot dogs and burgers. She and her sons are serving hot breakfast and variety of sandwiches with tasty side items. Even a traditional Spanish dish every Monday and Wednesday! I love that they deliver for free downtown! Its such hassle to close my store to get lunch.

I fell in love with Janet (the owner) and her food. I introduced myself and that I owned a business also. We began to chat about being entrepreneurs and moms. She visited my store the next day. When she mentioned her plans to order new take out menus and a sign for her cart I asked if she considered having a website. She hadn't. I explained how convenient it would be for those working downtown to access her menu online and call their order in. It's a convenience I look for in a restaurant. So, I offered to make a simple website and put her menu online.

It's the food cart parked in front of the Courthouse (corner of Fairfield Ave and Main St). This is the best street food you've ever eaten. I'm working my way through the menu. I've had a Reuben, chili cheese fries (I could write a whole posting about the bad and bizarre dishes I've eaten in New England that were called chili cheese fries and were complete FAILURES of marinara sauce and sliced mozzarella cheese????!!!! UGH!) a hot dog with NY style onions in red sauce (first time trying that), a "Poe Poe Banger" which is this deep fried egg roll wrapped thing filled with seasoned ground beef and mashed potato (hard to explain but interested). Today I enjoyed the Special which was a gigantic fried pork chop with Spanish beans and rice. She makes Hispanic food on Mondays and Wednesdays and it always sells out. I got the next to last special and I called my order in at 11:55am. If you're ever in downtown Bridgeport between the hours of 7am-3pm you need to try breakfast or lunch from Snappy Dawgs. Are you looking for something different to eat? Make it SNAPPY! Mention the website when you order to get a free drink when you spend $5 or more! See the full menu online. Or just stop and say hello and tell her you read about Snappy Dawgs on my blog. She'll be tickled that I was right about blogging and social networking.

Snappy Dawgs on Urbanspoon

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everything is Coming Up Roses!

 I have thousands of new socks at Gumdrop Swap! That is not an exaggeration. I have designer socks most of them are Tic Tac Toe (Cricket Hosiery) brand which I've seen for sale at Lord & Taylor kids dept for $4.50 a pair! What the heck? Who can afford to pay that much for a pair of something knowing that it's 99% likely one of the pair will be eaten when they are laundered and disappear into the black hole of lost laundry? Socks at Gumdrop Swap are always $1 a pair. Some are solid colors, some have a cute pattern, others have a 3D element such as a bow, lace, appliqué, etc. Still ONLY $1! I've admitted I've never gone to business school but I'm trying to sell these socks because I got a good deal on the lot and there is no reason to hold onto them. They aren't making me any money just sitting there, lol. So, I was inspired when I saw someone selling  roses made of socks. I thought to myself, I can make those!  (A view from the top)Event Page

I didn't know how at the time but I knew what supplies it would take to get it done from my days of floral design as an assistant in the floral dept of a grocery store (my first job). It amazing how running this boutique draws from EVERY skill and talent God has blessed me with. Each seemingly random job I've done in the past has somehow come into play. The photos seen here are of my first attempt which I gifted for my cousin-in-laws' baby shower. The lost of the party actually placed it on a table thinking it was decoration. That was a compliment! I will make more for the Bridgeport Arts Festival this coming Saturday at McLevy Green in downtown Bridgeport.

I did 2 more arrangements today.

an another 7/14/10
 yellow wildflowers & white roses

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big & Bold!

If you want a product to be seen by millions of people walking or driving where would you put it? Let's limit it to America. Did you think Times Square in New York City? Well, it's one of the world's highest trafficked areas and is an overload for the senses. I wonder with all those flashing lights and video screens, how much information is really being absorbed? Our brain naturally filters a great deal of the information we get bombarded with every day. If it didn't, our brains would probably explode trying to digest it all. So, I wonder what the response will be to this billboard in Times Square? It features some women from IPM Model Management in Carmen Marc Valvo swimsuits. Six curvaceous women, the antithesis of what most media outlets portray as beautiful. Full, fleshy arms, thighs, and hips. Confident and tastefully displayed. Let's see if anyone's idea of "beauty" is reconsidered. I sure hope so.

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