Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snappy Dawgs - Fresh Food Fast in downtown Bridgeport, CT!

I've worn many hats as far as my career has gone before I opened Gumdrop Swap. I don't advertise myself as a graphic designer/illustrator anymore but occasionally someone I know needs a service I know I can provide. If I can make time to do a project I will. So, I met a woman who owns a lunch truck on the same block as my store. She bought it from a guy who had been in that space for 7 years and finds that many people don't realize it's under new management and has a different menu. This is not your average Street Food vendor. There are more than hot dogs and burgers. She and her sons are serving hot breakfast and variety of sandwiches with tasty side items. Even a traditional Spanish dish every Monday and Wednesday! I love that they deliver for free downtown! Its such hassle to close my store to get lunch.

I fell in love with Janet (the owner) and her food. I introduced myself and that I owned a business also. We began to chat about being entrepreneurs and moms. She visited my store the next day. When she mentioned her plans to order new take out menus and a sign for her cart I asked if she considered having a website. She hadn't. I explained how convenient it would be for those working downtown to access her menu online and call their order in. It's a convenience I look for in a restaurant. So, I offered to make a simple website and put her menu online.

It's the food cart parked in front of the Courthouse (corner of Fairfield Ave and Main St). This is the best street food you've ever eaten. I'm working my way through the menu. I've had a Reuben, chili cheese fries (I could write a whole posting about the bad and bizarre dishes I've eaten in New England that were called chili cheese fries and were complete FAILURES of marinara sauce and sliced mozzarella cheese????!!!! UGH!) a hot dog with NY style onions in red sauce (first time trying that), a "Poe Poe Banger" which is this deep fried egg roll wrapped thing filled with seasoned ground beef and mashed potato (hard to explain but interested). Today I enjoyed the Special which was a gigantic fried pork chop with Spanish beans and rice. She makes Hispanic food on Mondays and Wednesdays and it always sells out. I got the next to last special and I called my order in at 11:55am. If you're ever in downtown Bridgeport between the hours of 7am-3pm you need to try breakfast or lunch from Snappy Dawgs. Are you looking for something different to eat? Make it SNAPPY! Mention the website when you order to get a free drink when you spend $5 or more! See the full menu online. Or just stop and say hello and tell her you read about Snappy Dawgs on my blog. She'll be tickled that I was right about blogging and social networking.

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