Sunday, July 11, 2010

Everything is Coming Up Roses!

 I have thousands of new socks at Gumdrop Swap! That is not an exaggeration. I have designer socks most of them are Tic Tac Toe (Cricket Hosiery) brand which I've seen for sale at Lord & Taylor kids dept for $4.50 a pair! What the heck? Who can afford to pay that much for a pair of something knowing that it's 99% likely one of the pair will be eaten when they are laundered and disappear into the black hole of lost laundry? Socks at Gumdrop Swap are always $1 a pair. Some are solid colors, some have a cute pattern, others have a 3D element such as a bow, lace, appliqué, etc. Still ONLY $1! I've admitted I've never gone to business school but I'm trying to sell these socks because I got a good deal on the lot and there is no reason to hold onto them. They aren't making me any money just sitting there, lol. So, I was inspired when I saw someone selling  roses made of socks. I thought to myself, I can make those!  (A view from the top)Event Page

I didn't know how at the time but I knew what supplies it would take to get it done from my days of floral design as an assistant in the floral dept of a grocery store (my first job). It amazing how running this boutique draws from EVERY skill and talent God has blessed me with. Each seemingly random job I've done in the past has somehow come into play. The photos seen here are of my first attempt which I gifted for my cousin-in-laws' baby shower. The lost of the party actually placed it on a table thinking it was decoration. That was a compliment! I will make more for the Bridgeport Arts Festival this coming Saturday at McLevy Green in downtown Bridgeport.

I did 2 more arrangements today.

an another 7/14/10
 yellow wildflowers & white roses

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