Saturday, February 6, 2010

What kind of "sickie-poo" are you?

Nothing like a category 5 illness to jump start a weight-loss plan. This past week my house was hit with a stomach bug that would put Montezuma's Revenge to shame. It would send Montezuma shamefully to a corner, shivering at it's immense power. It tore through our house (read: digestive systems) like a Kansas cyclone and left a devastated wasteland in it's wake. And when you tell someone about it and the response you get is "Yeah, that's going around," you feel cheated of sympathy. You want to scream (but you're too weak), "No, you don't understand! I almost died!"

My daughter will be 2 years old on Monday. We planned to have a party at our house on the Sat before (the day I am writing this) but that had to be canceled. The toll this virus took on us was diabolical. There was no way I could get everything done in time, when I couldn't even keep ginger ale down.

After the worst was over, it took about a day to rest and recover. While I was rehydrating, it dawned on me how different my husband, daughter and I all handled being ill. My daughter was unphased between her bouts of puking. She ran a low-grade fever but continued to play and maintained her appetite even though she couldn't keep anything down. What a trooper! She was sick first and it was hours before I showed symptoms and realized we were dealing with something contagious. I'm pitiful when I'm sick. I drag my feet and groan. I'm very quiet and easily irritated. I just wanted to sleep it off. Now my husband is dramatic to say the least. He's that character from any sitcom that gets crazy with the bell and terrorizes the family. Of course, he did not have a bell, I'm not stupid enough to do that. But incessantly calls my name and whines. I have to leave the room and laugh because he is too much.

I'm curious, what kind of sickie-poo are you when you're under the weather? Any home remedies to share?

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  1. I like to be left alone to suffer in silence. Probably because it's the only time I get to be alone! Hope you're all doing better now.