Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hidden Dangers in your Newly Furnished Nursery?

All parents want the best and safest environment for their precious new baby to thrive. But when decorating the baby's nursery room, make the right choices which means choosing products and furniture with the least amount of toxins. This info-graphic from gives tips on making healthier choices like buying used furniture which has already had a chance to "off-gas". Gumdrop Swap sells pre-loved bassinets, playpens and cribs. Our swappers bring in organic clothes, blankets, and PVC-free products and toys. We also sell baby-proofing products like toilet locks, plug covers, and cabinet locks. It saves you money to buy second-hand and may just give you peace of mind after reading these tips. See other gently used kids items available here.

Via Column Five for Healthy Child

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