Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I only need a few more VOTES to QUALIFY!

***UPDATE: I only need a few more votes. I'm so close! If you already voted, please show a friend or co-worker how easy it is.***
If you have a Facebook account, PLEASE help us receive 250 votes to qualify for the Mission: Small Business℠ $250,000 Grant sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial. Go to and Log-in with your FB account (bottom right) then search for "Gumdrop Swap" in the search bar to find our business (location is not necessary) and click "VOTE" for us. Here is an excerpt form my application:
What would a $250k grant mean to your business plan and how will you utilize the funds to ensure long-term growth and stability?

I started Gumdrop Swap with a few thousand dollars in savings. I started in a 545 square foot retail space because it was all the space I could afford and I wanted to be sure that my idea was actually a viable business. In a little more than two years, I have built a steady following of customers and swappers without doing any traditional advertising. That is something I am proud of... doubters wrong. Now I have the opportunity to move my business to a larger unit in the same building. It would triple my square footage and put Gumdrop Swap on Main St instead of being hidden inside. I've come this far by reinvesting every dollar earned back into the business... I've managed this long with the support of my husband, mother, friends and volunteers... The future of Gumdrop Swap includes classes to show people how to repurpose clothing, offer arts & crafts to recycle household items, and increase community outreach.

 THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your vote! 

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  1. i would love to win reuseable canvas tote! great contest...thanks:)