Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm Living My Moment. How 'bout you?

As a mompreneur, I am always on the lookout for legitimate inexpensive (preferably FREE) way to promote my business. I take customer service seriously because keeping a customer is a lot cheaper that advertising to acquire a new customer. And word-of-mouth from satisfied customers referrals are more valuable than a printed ad. Don't you get the opinions of others when shopping for a product or service? I know I do. Social networking is paramount! It's time consuming but worth it.

When I stumbled upon the website Living My Moment, I thought their offer to list parent-owned businesses for FREE was truly too good to be true. But sure enough, I submitted my info and now I have a content rich feature page there with links to my site, this blog and all my social accounts. What's that I hear? My Alexa and Google rank rising? Uh huh. Mama likes! So, now it's your turn. Go to my link to see how sweet it is. Then, submit your business for FREE. Want to thank me? Just mention, you heard about Living My Moment on Gumdrop Swap's blog when you submit and I'm sure some good karma will flow to all of us. Now, that's social networking!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about LivingMyMoMent. I know people are leary when they hear the word "free" but, like you said, it really truly is! Abbey really has a heart to help mom and dad owned businesses :)

  2. This post just popped up on my google alerts! Thank so much for posting this about Living My MoMent! I'm so glad that you have joined our little community of small business owners! I hope that more people trust their instincts with our Free Services.