Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Technically Speaking, Gumdrop Swap gets a Custom Built PC

Years ago I considered myself an Apple girl. I went to art college at the Savannah College of Art & Design. My sophomore year, every computer on campus was changed out for a Mac, even the computer in the lab to check your email were iMacs. It was a given that if you did any computer graphic work, you needed a Mac. Macs were cool (not to mention expensive). As a freelancer after college, I invested in a refurbished Mac desktop which I still use at home to check email. But I haven't updated the operating system in years because of a misalignment of the dvd drive. Not a difficult fix one would think but not every computer fix-it guy can work on a Mac.

But I digress, at my business Gumdrop Swap, I was using a laptop. It was a convenient choice because I could transport a laptop back and forth and do bookkeeping work at home after hours etc. That laptop was stolen in July. My mom loaned her Msi minibook to me which was purchased from Motusworks based in North Carolina. They brokered a great deal for her and sourced the laptop saving her at least $40 off any retailer and Damone prepared the laptop and installed her preferred software for her prior to shipping. This was perfect for my mom (not technically inclined) and was ready to use when arrived. I was so impressed with the purchase and value she got with MotusWorks that I contacted them for advice when I had to get a permanent computer and return my mother's minibook.

I have many side gigs. One being, photo retouching. Something I learned at the above mentioned art college. It comes in handy as a sometimes model and I don't have to look for clients because I just work for fellow models. Word gets around quickly in the plus model community. So, when I spoke to Damone I told him what I needed my computer to do and what programs I would be using. He made recommendations (this sounded a lot like a foreign language as he used techie terms) and I understood terms like RAM, Memory, Graphics Card, resolution, etc... He communicated every step of the way. Asking my opinion on the case (chassy-sp?), size of monitor, sound quality of speaker. I did not want the dual speaker that had to plugged in with those wispy thin wires. I have enough wires around my desk already. I have limited space around my desk. The speaker he chose is so unassuming, when I turned on my iTunes radio the first time I nearly jumped out my skin. I was listening to the muffled built-in speaker on a laptop before. I could throw a party in my store now using the speaker I have and everyone would be able to hear the music!

The space under my desk is already cluttered so I needed the computer to sit on the desk and not attract to much attention. I asked the computer be made to rest horizontally so the monitor could sit on top. He said that would not be a problem. He asked about what kind of fan I wanted to cool the computer?! Ugh. I don't know. I do know that computers can overheat and remember how freezing our college computer lab was kept to optimize the computers speed and function there. I can attest that he made a good choice because my hands actually get chilly near this computer. The vents on the side feel like an air conditioner which should be great in the summer time. But its winter and I find myself warming my hands like a hobo throughout the day (lol). It runs like a dream and so quiet.

The first time I used Adobe Photoshop to retouch a photo I sat in awe at the image on the monitor. I don't know how I ever did this kind of work before. It's amazing how much difference a high definition monitor makes. I laugh at the monitor I was using before. It pales (pun intended) in comparison! This IPS monitor is crisp, sharp and vibrant!

He obviously enjoys what he does. I love that! When someone loves what they do, it doesn't seem like work ya know? MotusWorks also builds media centers. You'll have to contact them for the details but think of one device that looks like a DVD player but its a computer you connect to a tv or screen and have access to video, movies, photos, presentations etc. Whether, you're a business, school, or for personal use, that's so convenient and the possibilities are endless. Well, if you have about 10 min you need to watch this video he made documenting the building of my computer. It has good music and time lapse video. I loved my computer but now I'm so impressed with seeing how it was built. I highly recommend MotusWorks! Why get a carbon copy standard computer when you can have one built for your specific needs for the same price? It's a no-brainer! Call 980.428.9473
Gabby's PC Build (Time Lapse) Video from MotusWorks Design LLC on Vimeo.

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