Sunday, December 27, 2009

Switching Utility Providers Was Surprisingly Easy!

We just bought our first home. I am used to having gas heat. Everything runs on electricity in our condo. The first month we were here was November and the bill was $223+ and that was about the max bill we ever got in the old place when we were running window AC units in the worst of summer. I meant to do research then about switching to another provider. My UI bill even mentions a website to do comparisons ( Then, we got the next bill, a whopping $384!  We've been running the heat a LOT. It's been freezing lately. We just replaced our blower in our heating unit and supposedly had an energy efficient thermostat installed. So, I can't imagine how high it would be if we hadn't made those changes. After getting this bill I finally went to the website and after plugging in my zip code and specifying that it was a residence instead of business I was able to compare the prices of other providers. I chose the 3rd best rate because they use 20% renewable energy as opposed to 12% which was what my UI's rate is and most of the other providers. I then went to that provider's website ( and was able to switch by filling out a simple form with info form my UI bill. I was expecting lots of paperwork and having to print and mail forms. That was all I had to do? WHEW! What a relief. I should save about 20% and I can't wait to see the difference. I am proud of myself for paying a slightly higher rate to know I am using more renewable energy sources! Yay me!

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